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Relax & take it easy

When I travel, I want to forget the hectic of my everyday life, I want slow down and plunge in the local culture. I don’t like to rush from one attraction to another. I love visiting places at a relaxed pace, to explore cultures, get in touch with the locals and to enjoy the scenery along the way.

The travel designer

By recommending a “slow tour” my aim is to share my passion for Sicily with people looking for a more relaxed and slow way of travelling, those who are willing to discover history and culture, food and wine, and above all people.
As a Travel Designer, I focus on the quality, essence and traditions of each experience. Travel is an opportunity to do things you might not otherwise get to do: pick an orange form an orange tree (have you ever seen one?), or listen to a concert while visiting a cheese farm…These are just a few examples of the experiences that I can suggest you.


The slow tour attitude

Slow Travel, (not to be confused with vacation), is thought to enriches you and to increases your ability to empathize; in a few words: to give you the chance to come back home with lots of anecdotes and stories to tell to your friends. I really love sharing my culture and the things that I’m proud of about where I’m from, about the way that we prepare and eat food, celebrate holidays and milestones.


Get in touch now and you’ll be welcomed in and will get those unique cultural experiences that money can’t buy.


Let’s discover together your personal motivations.

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