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Why Sicily

The land of Myths, sung from Homer to Virgil, a continent of its own, one of Europe’s most fascinating destinations, Sicily, with its historical, cultural and natural treasures, possess 7 sites listed in the World Heritage List.


Sicily is the idyllic destination for travellers in search of Beauty, under the imposing shade of Mount Etna. The charm of its medieval or baroque villages, its ancient history and its cultural heritage have always attracted travellers, noblemen, artists and writers: from Goethe to D.H. Lawrence, from Truman Capote to Jean Cocteau.

Sicily, with its stunning magical scenery, is the right place to explore natural beauty and unspoiled landscapes where a feast of colours and aromas inspires you.


Sicily has also millenary culinary traditions. Its dishes reflect the different dominations and are dated back to the Greeks, the Romans, the Arabs, the Spanish and all those populations who came to the island over the centuries to conquer it and were, at the end, conquered by the magic of it.


Sicily is easy to reach and, with its 1,040 km of coast line; 3 active volcanoes; 85 nature reserves; 4 regional parks; 4 airports: Palermo, Catania, Trapani, Comiso (RG), is an all year round travel destination!

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